Christmas Shopping 1-0-1

My version.

1. Plan ahead, at least two days before Christmas morning. If you really want to be ahead of the game, start panicking the week before, but don't do anything about it.
2. Don't pay attention to what your family and friends are interested in; just get them stuff you find funny. They're all just like you, anyway.
3. Now that you have no ideas, head to the downtown shopping center. Bring some company, preferably someone calm. You'll need that when you start to worry.
4. Wander around the mall for a little while, staring at stuff. Get distracted by the pretty window displays. Ponder what to get parents out loud. Said company (Boyfriend) offhandedly remarks that he never knows what to get his mother. Head directly to craft store.
5. Once in craft store, spend 20 minutes deciding what Boyfriend's mother will like. Do not leave him alone in the styrofoam section.
6. After you've found something suitable, proceed to the candy store, where you become entranced by the pretty pastel bonbons. Stare at chocolate for about 15 minutes, before helping Boyfriend choose another gift. Tell him he must never give anyone chocolate lollipops (they ruin friendships).
7. Head to the bookstore, where Boyfriend finds yet another gift, within 5 minutes. You spend 45, and find nothing.
8. Become entirely fed up with shopping, and decide to resort to last minute online buying and shipping. Spend rest of day angry that shopping is easier for men.

And that was his first try. It was my 3rd. Dammit.


Blogging, revisited...take 4.

I can't commit.

It's true. 16 years of living in this world, and it's the one thing about me that I'm sure is true. Relationships, homework, emails, sports, baking; you name it, it's likely I gave up on it. It's never really bothered me, to be totally honest. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work, and there's no point in making myself do something I can't.

Take blogging as an example. Three times I've tried, and three times I've failed. The first blog was created back when I thought I knew everything; needless to say, I got a little tired of myself after three posts. The second only lasted for two-the demands of sophomore year grew too great to leave room for other things. The third was a semi-school project, and after a month, I left it alone. I didn't touch the Blogger dashboard for half a year.

I took the best trip of my life two weeks ago. I went to NYC to see colleges, and I ended up seeing everything. I saw trains, planes, and automobiles, I saw the Phantom, I saw lights, I saw floating lobsters, bridges, torches, stocks, bonds, flags, beans, people. I saw where I wanted to be.

On the way home, I asked my mom if she would blog.
"Blog about me. About our trip. Post the pictures."
She smiled. She said that I was grown up enough, why didn't I start one? I pondered the idea. It helps to have a certain topic, a focus, she told me. "I never have a focus." I replied.

But as I said it, I realized it wasn't true. I DID have a focus, a goal to get to. I had the place where I wanted to live, grow, and laugh. I had the city that never sleeps.

Maybe the reason I'd never committed to blogging (to anything) is because I'd never fallen in love. Hard love. But on the Best Trip Of My Life (BTOML), that changed. I fell hard, and gained the focus I needed.

With focus, you can apparently do a lot. You can re-start a blog, live through the SATs, do your college essays, sit through AP classes, stick with your job, learn to drive, learn to make friends, and learn about YOURSELF along the way.

So. I guess there a lot of things I get to talk about. Let's get to five posts, and pop the champagne, shall we?